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We create products for the future.

Our main goal is to provide value to our clients all over across the world. We don’t just want to design, build software and make deals but we want to make really good relations with people and collaborate with innumerable start-ups and businesses to make world a truly better place.

  • 2018

    The Foundation of WoodFox
    The beginning of WoodFox Technologies was laid by a boy with the passion for computers and by a man with a vision and extra-ordinary management skills. Back in 2014 it was the time when these two guys met and thought of starting a technology company and deliver the best digital products to the world.
  • 2019
    WoodFox’s Golden Age
    WoodFox had been operating for a year when it reached the mark where it acquired and delivered the design project to it's very first overseas client. In this year, some of it's work got featured on @teamgaryvve official Instagram handle, an initiative by Gary Vaynerchuk.
  • 2020
    WoodFox’s Turning Point
    While we are home, we are working and hustling more than we ever did in our past 2 years. With the team hired and goals set, we are working super hard on our vision. And delivering the best digital products to our clients worldwide